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Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. I've been around for a long, long year :-). My journey began in the early 1980s, following my education at reputable institutions. I embarked on an apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic, honing my analytical skills and logical thinking. This formative experience not only taught me how to troubleshoot complex issues but also provided valuable insights into the business world.

Subsequently, I had the privilege of joining a prominent hotel and tour operator, where I immersed myself in the IT department. The company’s cutting-edge technologies—ranging from Windows Server to Novell Server, Citrix, Galileo, Davinci, and Lotus Notes—fueled my passion for problem-solving. Alongside my technical growth, I pursued certifications and collaborated with colleagues, fostering a steep learning curve. Leading small teams and projects further enriched my professional journey.

As time progressed, I sought new challenges. An opportunity arose to join a project team at one of the industry’s major tour operators. Our mission: to overhaul the outdated booking system and create a state-of-the-art product. Despite the formidable obstacles, the collaborative spirit and innovative solutions prevailed, resulting in a successful project.

Inspired by these achievements, I embarked on a parallel path—higher education. Enrolling at the University of Applied Sciences in Horw, Switzerland, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in ITC Business Solutions. Armed with this knowledge, I ventured into a role with Purpus, a leading car-sharing company. As the Head of IT Services, I continue to learn and evolve, combining technical expertise with strategic leadership.

My management style emphasizes effective communication, talent development, and strategic planning. I believe in creating a compelling vision and pursuing it relentlessly, fostering a positive work environment. Beyond the confines of the office, I find solace in nature—whether hiking through picturesque landscapes or basking in the serenity of sandy shores. Additionally, my passion for music finds expression in the local ensemble “Grüenspan,” where I play the tuba with unwavering dedication.

These pursuits—both professional and personal—fuel my continuous growth, enriching my life and contributing to the success of the teams.