Konrad Dambeck

We are uncovering better ways of System Administration by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working server over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

— Koni Dambeck & agilemanifesto.org

Who is this Guy?


I am Koni Dambeck an IT Professional with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Operating Systems, Cloud Computing (Citrix & VMware), security networks & file/block based centralized storage. My expertise spreads from technical details over business process management to CMMI & agile project management skills. I have obtained several certifications from Microsoft, Citrix, EMC, SIZ as well as Novell and possess over 15 years of experience in various IT disciplines. In July 2014 I'm graduated at University of Applied Science in Horw, Switzerland in ITC Business Solutions (bachelor level).

In my professional career I have worked for 3 major Tour Operators in Switzerland and the Department of Defense. Currently I am employed as "IT Services Manager" by the leading Car Sharing Enterprise in Europe.

I am interested in Java & Web Programming & a passionate blog writer (www.planetgeek.ch). I also enjoy lecturing at times and am on my way to continuing my journey in system engineering.


  • Windows100%
  • Linux / Novell80%
  • cloud computing (Citrix and VMware)100%
  • Network90%
  • NetApp / EMC (Storgae)50%
  • Projektmanagement70%
  • ITIL60%
  • Java70%
  • HTML / CSS30%

Projects and More

bachelor thesis

Cloud computing is currently one of the biggest and most important growth drivers in IT, whose importance is only growing. This bachelor thesis Future IT Infrastructure describes the technical background of Cloud Computing and links it with a series of exercises in a new information technology module for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The exercises are based on a cloud service provider evaluation and an imaginary middle-sized company. It contains eight sessions with topics: Active Directory, Azure VPN, Azure Directory, token-based authentication, SAML protocol, Big Data, web server scaling and configuration management. In addition, a detailed cost analysis on the implementation of this module was performed. Measuring instruments („Testate“) have been designed for instructors to assess each student's grasp of the material. Students who have successfully completed the exercises obtain a deep understanding of Cloud Computing fundamentals, assessing risks and will be able to use it successfully in their own projects.

Download bachelor thesis "Future IT Infrastructure


3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) is any of various processes of making a three-dimensional object from a 3D model or other electronic data source primarily through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control. My friends and I have build an Ultimaker and currently woking on the further development of it.

View timelapse movie of the printer assembly session (YouTube)


In October 2014 I got some holiday. In this time I visit New Zealand with My friend Claudia. We are The Cows how hunting for new impressions in the Country of the Kiwis. So seat back, relax and enjoy the adventures from down under. While the Journey continues mode content will be published.

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